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Check out our Huge fiber optic patch cable selection.  Most are in stock and ready to ship from our Melbourne Florida USA Warehouse.

     Fibertronics provides affordable high quality cables and accessories to our customers, primarily focusing on the needs of the Fiber optic networks installers, and resellers of fiber optic products.  All products can be custom fiber optic manufactured and guaranteed.  We strive to grow the company in a professional and ethical way so that we may create a warm, fun and family friendly place to work by

which management and employees alike can live comfortably.  We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. We invite you to create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store.   Thank You For Visiting.





Fibertronics supplies Multi Fiber Cable, Patch Cable, and Other Fiber optics Supplies  Are you in search of the best fiber optic products at unbeatable prices?  You’ve come to the right place!  At Fibertronics you’ll find reliable quality, consistent service, and top quality products.  Our vast inventory is able to satisfy the needs of various manufacturing companies.  When you’re in need of expertise in fiber optics, the Fibertronics team is standing by to assist.  You can quickly shop our online inventory, which makes it possible to enjoy a convenient shopping experience you won’t find anywhere else. With so many advantages—why trust anyone else for your fiber optics cable needs?

Fibertronics Fiber Optics Has an Inventory Including:

Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Multi Fiber Cable

Fiber Optic Attenuator

Fiber Optic Adaptors

Fiber Optic Pigtails

Fiber Network Cable

Fiber Optic Loopbacks

Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Fiber Optic Splitters

Fiber Optic Fan Out Cable Assemblies

Fiber Optic Mode Conditioning Cables

Singlemode Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cables

And More


  Fibertronics Fiber Optics specializes in fiber optic cable assemblies and fiber optic network devices.  Beginning manufacturing in 2008, we are known as a fiber optic cable manufacturer for the excellent products, quality, competitive prices, fast delivery and good service. We not only offer OEM fiber optic assemblies to some of the  worlds leading companies in this industry, but we also cooperate with many other companies from all over the world and support these partners to win in the market. We are a professionally staffed fiber optic company distribution company.  Located in Melbourne Florida USA.

 Here are the advantages of our customers:

Fibertronics Fiber Optics has trained customer service staff that answer the phones, not a computer, Reply to e-mails and RFQ (request for quotes) urgently, and if there is a question about any of the fiber optic cables or other fiber optic products a detailed quote will be sent out in the same day.

 Fast and always on time delivery. Many of our customers need our products shipped out on a overnight basis.  WholeSale Fiber Optics Ships out with UPS, but can use other carriers at the customers request.  We always keep our words for on time delivery for the fiber optic cables and devices we produce.  Our products include single mode fiber optic cables and multimode fiber optic cables and much more.  Detailed descriptions of all our product are here on our web site and also in our detailed fiber optic products catalog.  We can deliver to our customers via E-mail our fiber optic cable catalog upon request.

Excellent products quality and quality control procedures is what our products are known for, quality, some world leading companies choose us as their supplier for fiber optic cable and equipment. We are proud of having been offering our partners with stable good quality fiber optic products. We offer competitive fiber optic cable prices. our products include various kinds of riser fiber optic cables ,plenum fiber optic cables  and lszh  fiber optic cables.

Excellent packing and quality appearance of our fiber optic products. WholeSale Fiber Optics uses bubble wrap and packing for great damage free fiber optic products.  We understand for resellers of our fiber optic cables, the packing and appearance is important.  Many of our products are resold by other fiber optic cable manufactures because they know the quality and timely delivery Fibertronics.com offers them,  We also offer blind packing for our resellers.  Fiber optic cables and other fiber optic products, looking goods very much important. Our fiber optic patch cable and devices feature good packing and looks. bulk fiber optic cables are also available.

We not only make standard fiber optic products, we are also able to make custom products, such as fiber optic cable equivalent to corning fiber optic cable assemblies and 3M fiber optic cable assemblies, equivalent fiber optic transceivers, OM3 fiber optic cables , equivalent transition networks media converter , etc. you can get reliable standard fiber optic products from us, and you can gain the advantage over the competitors by getting the latest fiber optic products from us.

5. Over 20 years of combined experience in designing and manufacturing of fiber patch cables and related fiber optic cable management and fiber optic cable installation devices. As a professional fiber optic cable supplier , We have close relationship with some world leading companies and university labs. The company has been putting a lot of effort and investment on quality control, R&D of new products as well as our employees.

Thank you for visiting Fibertronics Fiber Optics, the fiber optic patch cable manufacturer and fiber optic supplier of fiber optic cables and equipment, please review our products and capabilities and let us know how we can be of service. We look forward to having the chance to cooperate with you.

When you shop with us, you’ll enjoy the best products from the leading manufacturers along with numerous other benefits.  WholeSale Fiber Optics advantages include:

Fast, Reliable Delivery

Excellent Quality

Customized Product Options

A Decade of Industry Expertise

And More

With our help, you can quickly find what you need and have it on its way in no time.  No other fiber optics cable company can compete with our value, service, and quality.

Multi Fiber Cable, Patch Cable, Fiber Attenuator, and Fiber Network Cable Options for Various Needs

When you shop with Fibertronics, you’ll find options for various needs.  Our Multi Fiber Cable Options Include:

Standard Ribbon Fan-out Cable

3mm Fan-out Cable Assemblies

Miniature Fan out Cable Assemblies

And More

You’ll Also Find Many Patch Cable Options, Such As:

ST Patch Cable

SC Patch Cables

FC Patch Cables

LC Patch Cables

FC APC Fiber Optic Patch Cables

SC APC Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Attenuator Options, Which Feature:

Metal Ion Doped Fiber

Wavelength Independence

High-Power Light Source Durability

Levels Ranging From 1dB to 30dB

Various Options

With everything from Fiber Network Cable options to Patch Cables, Fibertronics Fiber Optics makes it easy to find what you need when you need it.  Our unparalleled service and top-notch quality makes us the industry leader.  When you’re in search of reliability, consistency, and quality—no one compares with Fibertronics Fiber Optics.

Find the Ideal Fiber Optics Solutions

Let Fibertronics Fiber Optics help you find the fiber optics cables you need.  No matter how large or small your requirements, our customer service team is eager to assist in the selection process.  With our help, you can quickly find what you need so you’ll have it even sooner.  Don’t trust other companies for the cables you need—you can rely on WholeSale Fiber Optics for affordability and quality. 


Contact us to find out more about our shipping, inventory, and customized cable options.  Feel free to call us toll free at 321-473-8933.  We are also available via email at Sales@Fibertronics.com.  We look forward to assisting with your fiber cable needs.

OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Fiber Optic Tester
OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Fiber Optic Tester

hand held fiber optic tester is a OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)



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