MTP Fanout / Breakout Cables

Fibertronics offers Single-mode and Multimode MTP Fanout /Break-out fiber optic patch cables including:

  • MTP-LC
  • MTP-SC
  • MTP-ST
  • MTP-FC
  • MTP-MU
  • MTP-E2000
  • Custom Design

Fan-out assemblies available in all fiber modes including Single-mode OS2, Multimode OM1 and Multimode OM3 with duplexed break-outs. Multi fiber connections are used to build out fan-out assemblies. The most common is the 24” fan on a 1 meter cable assembly. 900um tubes can be terminated with all connector types.

For customers wanting more testing, interferometry test reports can be supplied upon request prior to assembly. MTP endface geometry, ferrule radius of curvature, fiber height and core dip are among some of the test data.